Easy for the best finish

You can edit photos taken by iPhone camera with PhotoClip.
PhotoClip can correct horizontal line, can trim to your selected aspect ratio and rotate them.
You can edit to stylish photos before uploading them to Instagram, Flickr, twitter, Facebook and etc.

The feature of this App

1. Intuitive trimming operation
2. Easy to correct horizontal line by a simple touch operation
3. It can make a square image that be used by popular Instagram.

Other functions

1. Horizontal correction
2. Change an aspect ratio
3. Selecting Background color

  • Category:Photo
  • Release:May 2011
  • Language:English and Japanese
  • Price:230 Yen
  • Produced:Nishimura-ya Inc.
  • iOS:
  • Ver 4.0.1 later iPhone 3GS , iPod touch , iPad2

Easy and intuitive correcting horizontal adjustment

This is an App for simplify correcting horizontal correction! Taking photos is easy. However, it is more difficult editing to to stylish photos. PhotoClip will be a quick way to the stylish finish after taking pictures.


Point for stylish photos

The most important things for photo is composition and horizontal correction. It can also fix the failed photos. You just try to edit photos after taking them with big size.

Before horizontal correction 矢印 Editing screen of PhotoClip 矢印 After horizontal correction

Instagram vertical photos

You can make vertical photos(2:3 3:4 ..) in a square for will be used by popular Instagram.

Square photo for Instagram Square photo for Instagram

Aspect ratio

Select the aspect ratio from 7 patterns.

Selecting menu of Aspect ratio Arrow Aspect ratio(3:2) Aspect ratio(1:1) Aspect ratio(2:3)

Background color

11 shades of gray scale.

Selecting menu of Background color Arrow Black Gray White

Intuitive operation

Scaling photos and rotating them with two fingers.

Big scale Small scale Rotaion

Horizontal correction

Draw a line along the horizontal or vertical line in the image. Image will be corrected.

Before horizontal correcting Arrow After horizontal correcting
Before vertical correcting Arrow After vertical correcting

Button Description

Icons are arranged on the screen to reduce the number of operations.

Button Description